Accelerated Solutions

Paladin Solutions Group is well positioned to deploy large-scale personnel solutions to meet specialized client needs.

Strategic Alignment

In 2016, the Paladin Solutions Group proudly joined its considerable forces with a major international resourcing partner. It has an impeccable track record of enabling professional services firms to successfully assist the financial services industry.

Deep Resource Pool

Paladin has over 3,500 professionals that have been deployed globally.

Approximately half of the personnel are based in the US, with others in India (including at a Testing Center of Excellence), Central America, and Asia Pacific. These workers can be deployed to work onsite or can work remotely.

Staffing Services

Paladin can supply large groups – from dozens to hundreds –of basic and specialized staff to meet specific client needs, with engagements ranging from short-term to contract-to-hire.

We have access to skilled professionals in all roles and at all levels to address your specific needs.

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    Project Management

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    Data Analysis

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    Business Analysis

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    Data Security

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    System Testing

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Outsourcing Services

Operational-support outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy: It is more affordable than staffing internally, yet still adds comparative advantages.

Managed Services

Paladin Accelerated Solutions can remotely manage your IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems (e.g. trade capture, risk, collateral, accounting, etc.).

Whatever your need may be. Wherever you need it.

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